Iconic Services, a proudly Australian owned and operated business, has been in the commercial and industrial cleaning industry for over 20 years. During 2009 Iconic Services realised that the same level of professionalism and quality of service was needed by the residential sector around Sydney and therefore, expanded into the Domestic Cleaning industry, providing a range of quality services that customers have recognised and appreciated.

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Twenty years in operation and going strong. Throughout the many years Iconic Services has been in operation, we have served a vast array of clients including, but not limited to:


  • Factories

  • Banks

  • Work shops

  • Day Care Centres

  • Supermarkets

  • Homes


Cleaning is not rocket science, but it does involve 'customer science'. Knowing how to treat your customers, developing a clear, simple and accessible means of communication and sticking to your word all go a long way. At Iconic Services we believe that customer science and quality cleaning are part and parcel, this is why we aim to deliver the best of both.

Our lean business sctructure allows us to hold a highly competitive stance within the market.


Unlike other cleaning companies, we do not sub-contract our cleaning duties, we conduct and manage our cleaning duties 'in-house', this provides our customers with peace of mind, great communication and increased flexibility.




At Iconic Services we are working hard to keep our reputation of being customer focused, quality driven and providing the best value for money cleaning service around Sydney. We are also working hard to establish ourselves as a leader in the industry by focusing on; Reliability, Presentation, Accountability and Professionalism.


We must build trust with our clients so that they can rely on us to get the job done no matter what. We must present ourselves professionally at all times. We must always be accountable for the work we do and respond to any customer concerns if they arise. We must conduct our work professionally and be in communication with our clients whenever needed.

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Iconic Services is proudly Australian owned and operated.

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